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Tempus Fugit Spirits is one-of-a-kind, faithfully recreating liqueurs from the pages of history, achieved not by artificial colors or flavors, but with 19th century protocols. Following these methods by the original distillers, the Tempus Fugit Spirits line is nothing short of remarkable.

In tribute to this incredible company, we have crafted a very special competition, open to professional and home bartenders alike, with the final event, free and open to the public, presided over by three guest judges (including John Troia, the co-creator of Tempus Fugit Spirits) and featuring cocktails and beer for sale.


  • Submissions due by April 2nd
  • Finalists announced April 9th
  • Final Competition April 16th, 4-8pm
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Tempus Fugit Spirits used: *
At least two is required.


1. Any base spirit is allowed but competitors must use at least two Tempus Fugit spirits from the following list:

Crème de Cacao
Crème de Menthe
Crème de Noyaux
Liqueur de Violettes
Duplais Absinthe
Vieux Pontarlier Absinthe
Gran Classico Bitter
Kina L’Aero D’Or
Alessio Vermouth Di Torino Rosso
Alessio Vermouth Chinato
Alessio Vermouth Bianco
Alessio Vino Chinato

2. Competitors have six minutes to make four cocktails (one for each judge and one for a photo).

3. Cocktails will be judged on:

taste and balance of flavors
overall presentation
creative use of Tempus Fugit Spirits

4. All recipes must be noted in ounces or dashes.

5. Recipes must be no fewer then 2 oz. and no more than 6 oz.

6. Homemade ingredients are welcomed.

7. Each cocktail can contain no more than six ingredients (note: bitters counts as an ingredient).

8. Competitors must provide all ingredients except for Tempus Fugit Spirits.

9. Bar tools and Kold Draft ice provided by intoxicology. Feel free to bring your own glassware or choose from a few of our selections.


1st Place
$500 and $100 INTOXICOLOGY gift card

2nd Place
$250 and $50 INTOXICOLOGY gift card

3rd Place
$150 and $25 INTOXICOLOGY gift card