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Edelbrand Pure Distillilng

Join us on Saturday November 4th as we taste the award winning spirits from Edelbrand Pure Distilling.  Martin Weber,  Master Distiller and Founder, and Owner Lynn DeLean-Weber will be on hand to taste their amazing lineup of brandies.   Edelbrand Pure Distilling is a family-owned/run, small-batch distillery located an hour west of St. Louis just outside of Marthasville, Missouri.   

Edelbrand vinars is an unaged spirit made from 100% fruit selected at peak of flavor. Its closest relatives are eaux de vie, grappa, and European schnaps. The unique flavor found in Edelbrand vinars comes from the careful preparation of and tending to the fruit mashes over many months.  This ensures a slow and unhurried fermentation phase, allowing the subtle essences of each fruit to come forward naturally over time.  Patience is the key.  There are no shortcuts in handcrafting these exquisite spirits. The word edelbrand means the finest or purest of brandies, and that is what they strive to create in each bottle of Edelbrand vinars.