Intoxicology offers personalized cocktail classes which are perfect for date night or a small group. 

Classes are semi-private and conducted during our regular retail hours and the education and cocktail tasting are exclusive to your group.

The format of this class is designed for the cocktail curious. Menu creation is based on tried-and-true classics featuring your favorite spirits and your preferred style of cocktails. We will demonstrate, educate, and answer questions while you relax and taste. Class includes a custom menu, history and technique, a recipe book to take home and four cocktails. 

We do not serve food but you are welcome to bring your own snacks. Classes typically last two hours.

If you are looking for a hands-on experience, please visit our HANDS-ON WORKSHOP page.

$50 per Guest

To request a reservation please submit the following form.

There are no class minimums, but due to the nature of our retail business class size varies depending on the day of the week:

  • Friday & Saturday - up to 8 guests

  • Sunday & Weekdays - up to 12 guests

  • We are closed on Mondays

Please follow these time frames when choosing a start time for your class:

  • Tuesday - Thursday 2pm - 6pm

  • Friday & Saturday 3pm - 7pm

  • Sunday 1pm - 3pm

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Availability frequently changes due to daily updates.

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Response time is typically within 24 hours.

Please ensure that your requested date, time and number of guest follows the guidelines listed above.

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